Our Mission

The Lana Bellini Foundation was established to continue the service and work of helping others within the Tampa Bay community just as she did throughout her life.  A true servant at heart, Lana put the needs of others needs of her own to everyone else.  There is no better way to honor Lana than to let her legacy continue on through her named foundation.

Lana loved her family and the Tampa Bay community with all her heart as she was born and raised in Tampa, started and raised her family in Tampa and ultimately lived her final days in Tampa - her home.

The foundation's primary focus will be continuing to help, support and service the people of the Tampa Bay community just as Lana would have wanted it.

Meet Lana Bellini

Learn about her life, her family and discover how she helped so many people in her Tampa Bay community.

Lana's Charities

Find out more about the charities and organizations that Lana dearly loved and supported.

Her Legacy Lives

Discover how you can help continue Lana's legacy of helping and serving others through your donation. 


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